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    We encourage family and friends to attend along with you to your session! It makes the experience very special when you can share it with loved ones. We can accommodate approximately up to 14 people during a session. *Please note that when having parties of seven or more you must purchase a Family View session. This allows for time to set up accommodations, as well as, a little extra time to see baby.
    We are generally open from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays and 1 pm to 5 pm on weekends. Hours are variable and limited, but can be seen when you visit our Book Online page to select services you want to purchase. If you don't see a time that works for you or have a specific request, please feel free to text or call us (228) 641-9401 and hopefully, we can accommodate you. We are located between the Country Gentleman and That Gumbo Life on the west side of Gautier Vancleave Road. Treasured Memories Imaging 4351 Gautier Vancleave Rd Suite A Gautier, MS 39553, USA
    All sessions are by appointment only. Appointment times are variable each week due to availability. A list of available times can be seen while scheduling your session.
  • Are Family and Friends Welcome to Come to the Session?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to bring family members (including siblings) and friends to experience this special time with you.
    This is quite a difficult question to answer because everyone is so different but after almost a decade of being in the industry of solely doing 3D ultrasounds in that time, we believe to have found the sweet spot to be 28-32 weeks gestation and I'll tell you a few reasons why... Firstly, to ensure your going to get the best images on the day you want your baby to be head down. Most babies turn head down between 27-30 weeks gestation. Some people think that if they come in AFTER 30 weeks that the baby will be too squished however this is not the case. Most of the time if you were to come in EARLIER than 28 weeks the baby will more than likely still be head up and when they are head up they literally fold themselves in half with their feet right up over their head and this means that we are fighting with not just two little hands but two little feet as well! Secondly, did you know that your baby is opening his or her eyes in the womb too? Babies in the womb start opening their eyes from around 24 weeks however by 28 weeks they are opening them so much more because they are so much more alert now, so you are much more likely to see them doing it during your scan. They also have enough hair on their head FROM 30 weeks to see it floating around in the amniotic fluid. We can basically tell you weather you need to pack a hairbrush or not! We are even normally able to measure the hair to tell you how long it is at that moment in time! How cool is that? Last but not least. FROM 28 from weeks your images will without a doubt be so much more defined now! Baby is going to be nice a chubby and you will really be able to get an idea as to what or who your baby will look like. A warning to mums, we do all the work but they do normally look like their dad! haha! And the best thing about coming at this time, is that by now you are of course feeling those movements inside but what you cant feel is the emotion that you will see your baby experience in the womb. They are so alert now, they smile, cry and look like they laugh at times, which is just truly incredible!!
    1. Try your best to Increase your amniotic fluid (drink 3L of water each day for at least 5 days prior to your appointment). By drinking plenty of water you can increase the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby and that is what is really makes all the difference in seeing your baby's full face or not. The more hydrated you are, the cleaner the fluid will be which ensures the pictures will be as clear as possible. The most interesting part about increasing your fluid is that if you can achieve this, then it wont even matter where your placenta is (even if its anterior and right in front of the baby) we can literally just delete the placenta out of the way to get to the babies face! How cool is that?! So start drinking!! And remember, not only will drinking water increase your fluid and help us with getting you those amazing images, it also helps clean your fluid which then gives your baby a nice clean pool to swim in as well! 2. If your only coming in once for those chubby cheek images book in between 28-32 weeks for optimal results (no matter where your placenta is). 3. Ask your medical professional (GP, Midwife or Obstetrician) if your baby is head down. Although our technicians will always try their absolute hardest, breech/head up positions make it extremely difficult for us to achieve amazing images. 4. Bring along a cold juice, frozen coke or some lollies/chocolate to help get the baby moving if needed. Something cold and sugary can really do the trick of waking them up! Although a sleeping baby is adorable, we would love for them to not be too sleepy for the scan because we want to experience it all if possible, we want to see their eyes opening, some facial expressions etc. etc. We would recommend for you to maybe think about your babies movements during the day and maybe choosing a particular time of day where you think the baby might be more awake. 5. If you are 20 weeks gestation or more please arrive with an empty bladder. When getting 3D images, from 20 weeks onwards it is best to have a completely empty bladder. Your baby is now big enough where we do not need your bladder to help us anymore, in fact it will only just get in the way. YAY! We do kindly ask when booking this type of scan to always prepare for baby to possibly not be as photogenic as we would all love them to be and to cherish the uniqueness of your baby as some babies simply love snuggling their hands, feet or to simply be hugging the placenta.
    he placenta is an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy. This structure provides oxygen and nutrients to a growing baby. It also removes waste products from the baby's blood. The placenta begins to develop when the fertilized egg implants into your uterus wall and the baby's umbilical cord arises from it. The position of the placenta can normally be determined by an ultrasound from 12 weeks gestation and will either be positioned on the: 1. Front wall (anterior) 2. Back wall (posterior) 3. Top wall (fundus) 4. Side walls (left or right lateral) 5. Low lying/Covering the cervix (placenta previa) So lets talk about some scenarios! Imagine your baby is in the head down position and you have just a normal amount of amniotic fluid around your baby. This is what is going to happen... If your placenta is either on the back wall (posterior) OR on the top wall (fundus) then it means that our camera can look through your skin directly onto your baby and you have the best chance at getting the most amazing 3d images. If your placenta is on the front wall (anterior) then this means that our camera will look through the skin straight onto the placenta and the placenta will more than likely cover half of the babies face. If your placenta is on the side wall (left or right lateral) then we will have one very clear side where the camera will look straight through the skin directly onto your baby and one very blocked side where the camera will look through the skin and be blocked by the placenta. In this case we would obviously hope that the baby is facing the clear side. And finally if your placenta is low lying (where it is covering the cervix) then this is probably the hardest position a placenta can be in to get good images. In saying all of this above, if you can do our recommendation of increasing your amniotic fluid (drink 3L of water each day for at least 7 days prior to your appointment) and you succeed in doing this then it wont matter where your placenta is because if you have enough fluid we can literally delete the placenta completely out of the way so that we can look directly onto your baby. To finish please know that we are absolutely passionate about what we do and we will always an endeavor to get the best possible images for you on the day! We have many tricks up our sleeve but it is a team effort.
    2D ultrasound is the traditional yet basic type of ultrasound that has been used for years. They provide flatter, two-dimensional, black and white images of your baby. 2D is typically only used during any of your medical scans (so your dating scan, your 12 week Nuchal Translucency scan or your 20 week morphology scan). 3D ultrasound is an advanced method, which captures a true, three-dimensional image of your baby, its a still image (meaning, it doesn’t move like the 4D does). 4D ultrasound is an actual moving three-dimensional image of your baby in utero. Actions such as yawning, turning and even subtle movements can be seen, like opening their eyes etc. You can watch them suck their thumb, smile, cry or just peacefully sleep. 5D or Real View/HD is the absolute latest in technology and provides a “real view” inside the womb making it look more realistic than ever before! The color of the baby in “Real View” looks like skin color. The old technology used “gold” tones instead. “Real View” is clearest your can see your baby to date!
    No, you do not need a referral from your Doctor as a 3D ultrasound is performed as an elective request. It does not however replace your routine medical or diagnostic scans requested by your doctor. Diagnostic scans require a referral from a Midwife or Physician in writing and they will receive a copy of the Diagnostic Report.
    We offer elective non-diagnostic ultrasounds anytime from 8 weeks gestation. Before 8 weeks, you often need an internal ultrasound to see anything which we do not offer at this time.
    The difference between us and other companies is that we take the time that other don't to ensure you are receiving the best images and video of your baby. We understand babies in the womb run their own show and in all honesty we cannot rush them to show their face, we need to work with them, not against them. We are absolutely passionate in what we do and our team of talented technicians will always endeavor to get the best possible images for you on the day. However we unfortunately can never completely guarantee you amazing images. What we can do though is definitely book you in again with our "second chance" ultrasound package where you get to have another opportunity on another day for only $39. Please make sure you read our FAQ above called "What can I do to increase my chances of getting amazing 3D images?" to find out how to prepare for your Ultrasound.
    MI is the body mass index and if you are overweight, this will mean that there is more body tissue and layers for the sound waves to travel through as the baby is further away from the transducer probe/camera so "Technically" yes, it can effect the image quality. Having those extra layers of fat under the skin increases the distance between the probe/camera and the baby therefore it will distort the beam as the body tissues absorbs these soundwaves and as a result the images will become less clear with a fuzzier appearance. Our experienced technicians may ask you to turn to your side or change your position to minimize the beam distortion. We have invested in the latest state of the art technology and continue to upgrade our systems whenever we can to try to overcome this limiting factor. Please prepare that your images may not appear as detailed if this is the case. However, if you can try your best to Increase your amniotic fluid (drink 3L of water each day for at least 5 days prior to your appointment) this will help immensely with this and sometimes we do not have a problem at all because our technology is so good!
    This is depending on how far along you are... If you are between 8-13 weeks we would like you to empty your bladder one hour prior to your appointment time and then drink 2 glasses of water (500-600ml) of water and hold. If you are between 14-19 weeks we would like you to empty your bladder one hour prior to your appointment time and then drink 1 glass of water (250-300ml) of water and hold. If you are 20-40 weeks pregnant we would like you to completely empty your bladder 5 minutes before your appointment time.
    Studies have shown that ultrasounds are not harmful to the mother or baby and have an excellent safety record. They don’t have the same risks at all as x-rays which use ionizing radiation. 3D/4D/5D ultrasound utilizes low-frequency sound waves to look inside the body.
    Definitely. The machines we use have the ability to let you listen in to your babies beating heart. It’s such a great moment to hear when you’re pregnant! We also try and make sure your baby’s heartbeat is on the video recording for you to take home to enjoy over and over again or you could even purchase one of our heartbeat teddies where we record the babies heartbeat and put the sound inside a plush toy animal of your choice. These make a great keepsake or a comforter for your baby when he or she arrives.
    Feel free to bring as many guests as you'd like. We have enough room to comfortably accommodate mom being scanned as well as five (5) additional adult guests. The whole scanning room is also carpeted so feel free to bring more if you are happy to have some sitting on the floor. We also have a kiddies corner to keep them distracted/busy.
    Absolutely! We love scanning women having multiples. Unlike other companies we do not charge extra as we believe this is just unfair! All we do is evenly distribute the time of the scan across each of your babies. For example, if you are booked in for a 30 min session and have twins, we’d spend 15 mins scanning each baby. If you had the same 30 min session, but had triplets, then we’d spend 10 mins scanning each baby and so on and so forth. If you have more than 3 babies, then its probably best to give us a call and we can discuss a customized package ;-)
    The ultrasound images we capture are totally dependent upon the position of your baby during the ultrasound. If your baby is facing forward, we can generally capture excellent images of your baby’s face, hands and feet. If, however, your baby is in a downward facing position or has their face pressed up against the placenta, then capturing specific features can present a challenge. Overall though, generally between 8-16 weeks we can see the entire body of the baby in the ultrasound but after this time the baby will get longer than our camera view so at 30 weeks for example you are really only able to see the whole face and a little bit of chest. Then we would have to go to the tummy and legs separately to see the rest of the baby.
    We understand that life happens and you may need to reschedule your appointment. As such we have a 24hr rescheduling policy. What that means, is that if you contact us with at least 24hrs notice before your appointment we will gladly reschedule your appointment at no cost to you. Unfortunately, if you call to reschedule your appointment with less than 24hrs notice then we will need to book a new appointment for you that will attract a new 25% non-refundable deposit. We will then be able to cancel your original appointment and delightedly refund any money you have paid toward that booking but retain your 25% non-refundable deposit as a cancellation fee.
    When you book any of our services you are agreeing to pay a 25% non-refundable booking deposit. Please read our cancellation section in detail as there may be situations where we are able to return your deposit to you.
    We have a 7 day cancellation policy. What that means, is that if you cancel your appointment with 7 full days notice from the time of your appointment, we will gladly refund any money you have paid toward your booking up until that point. Unfortunately, if you call to cancel your appointment with less than 7 full days' notice from the time of your appointment, we will still happily refund any money you have paid toward your booking but retain your 25% non-refundable deposit as a cancellation fee.
    We understand that life happens, but if you do not show up at all for your appointment without explanation then we will retain all monies paid by you as we still need to pay our staff (who were waiting for you) and our landlord (who up until now has never offered free rent. :-) )
    To help you achieve the best ultrasound images and video possible we ask that you drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily, for the 3 days leading up to your scan. This will filter and clean the amniotic fluid that sits around baby and therefore improve the clarity and quality of images & video we are able to achieve. Furthermore, for ladies: 8-13 weeks on the day of their scan: Completely empty your bladder one (1) hour prior to your scheduled appointment time and then immediately drink 2 glasses (or 500mls) of water and refrain from going to the bathroom until after your appointment. 14-19 weeks on the day of their scan: Completely empty your bladder one (1) hour prior to your scheduled appointment time and then immediately drink 1 glass (or 250mls) of water and refrain from going to the bathroom until after your appointment. 20-40 weeks on the day of their scan: Completely empty your bladder 5 minutes prior to your scan (your in enough pain as it is :-) ). "
  • What is BabyFlix?
    This is a streaming device that records the Entire ultrasound session from start to finish. This BabyFlix account will be your online gallery with all the videos and pictures we take. As soon as the session is over, everything can be easily accessed and shared right from your fingertips. This is included in all packages.
  • What is a Heartbeat Animal?
    A heartbeat animal is such a special keepsake of your pregnancy. We record the sound of your baby’s heartbeat onto a sound module and place it inside of a plush animal of your choice: a wonderful keepsake and a gift idea.
  • What is Peekaboo Clinical?
    Peekaboo is an early gender DNA detection test offered to women starting at 7 weeks into pregnancy. It is 99.1% accurate. Results are available as early as the next day and will be emailed straight to you.
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes. Gift cards make a wonderful present for any mother (or father) to be.
  • What is your address?
    Treasured Memories Imaging 4351 Gautier Vancleave Rd Suite A, Gautier, MS 39553, USA We are located between the Country Gentleman and The Gumbo Life on the west side of Gautier Vancleave Road.
    Gender can be determined with a blood test at 6 weeks and seen on ultrasound after 14 weeks.
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