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Our Team.

Why we opened Treasured Memories Imaging:
Covid turned our worlds upside down and in the Spring of 2021 my family decided to not wait for retirement to fulfill our dreams and relocated to the Gulf Coast area. It has long been apparent that the OB offices were becoming too busy to allow the moms to truly bond with their babies the way they used to, so moving out on my own was my way to help the moms get that time back with their baby. We have tried to keep my prices down so that all moms can enjoy the special gift of bonding with their baby. We do our best to create a comfortable atmosphere to make everyone feel at home.  


Treasured Memories Imaging is a dream come true for us. Our hours of operation are limited due to my already full-time jobs and family commitments, but hopefully, the evening and weekend timeslots will also be of benefit to our moms and their families.


(228) 641-9401


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