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Ease My Mind

Find Peace and Joy with Every Heartbeat: Your Journey to Motherhood Begins Here

15 minutes of  scan time each session

No additional fee for Twins!

Mobile App of  All Images

A video of the entire session, as well as all images, will airdropped to you at the time of the scan.

-ReScan Insurance -NOT AVAILABLE (If the baby is uncooperative) 

*** 2D/3D/4D Pictures will be printed at each session, and a special gift with special expectant mother items will also be given at the first session, and a special gift at the final session. 

Ease My Mind
Weekly Package


Receive ONE Ultrasound a week, for 20 weeks!!

*$35 will be billed to your credit card weekly.


Ease My Mind
Monthly Package


Receive TWO Ultrasounds a month, for the 5 months!!

*$79 will be billed to your credit card monthly.

Woman getting ultrasound

Our team is aware of the anxiety that comes with pregnancy and we are available to assist you in easing your worries.

At Boutique and Diagnostic Prenatal Imaging, we understand the profound journey of pregnancy and the importance of reassurance and connection that comes with seeing your growing baby. Weekly prenatal ultrasounds offer a remarkable window into the womb, providing not just peace of mind but also vital information on the health and development of your baby. Each scan is a moment to bond, as you witness the tiny heartbeat, the curl of a foot, or the sweet yawn that melts your heart. These regular glimpses help in monitoring the progression of your pregnancy and ensure that any potential health issues are identified and managed promptly. We are here to support you with empathy and expertise, making your pregnancy journey as smooth and joyful as possible.

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